Client Statement

“Skanlog's dedication to excellence in logistics is supreme”

Client Statements

Søren Frøsig Rasmussen, Nordic Supply Chain- & Customer Service Manager, Moët Hennessy Nordic

For almost 20 years Skanlog has maintained a successful and close partnership with the recognized French luxury goods company, Moët Hennessy, part of LVMH, specializing in premium wines and spirits. With nearly two decades of collaboration in the Nordic region, the relationship between Skanlog and Moët Hennessy exemplifies excellence in supply chain management and client servicing.

Moët Hennessy operates in a highly complex supply chain environment, requiring accurate coordination and timely delivery of its premium products to the Nordic markets. Besides Moët & Chandon and Hennessy, this includes among other things premium brands like Belvedere, Dom Pérignon and Cloudy Bay.

As a provider of luxury goods and one of the largest producers of wines and spirits, Moët Hennessy upholds rigorous quality standards, requiring flawless logistics operations to preserve product integrity to the company’s customers.

Market variations and evolving consumer preferences demand agility and responsiveness from Moët Hennessy's distribution partners to ensure optimal storage management and market position.

"Skanlog's dedication to excellence in logistics is supreme. Their customized solutions and firm commitment to quality assurance have been instrumental in maintaining the integrity of our luxury brands throughout the Nordic region. Especially with the various alcoholic beverages regulations in the Nordic countries. In this regard, Skanlog is a trustworthy third partner for Moët Hennessy," says Søren Frøsig Rasmussen, Nordic Supply Chain- & Customer Service Manager, Moët Hennessy Nordic.

"Partnering with Moët Hennessy has been a privilege for Skanlog. Their steady focus on quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering exceptional logistics solutions tailored to their unique needs and customers in the Nordic region," says Peter Nørgaard, sales director and member of Skanlog’s group management. 

Skanlog's solutions

Skanlog collaborates closely with Moët Hennessy to develop tailored logistics strategies aligned with the company's unique requirements and market dynamics. This approach ensures efficient transportation, warehousing, and distribution of Moët Hennessy's products to customers across the Nordic region including Michelin restaurants and exclusive bars.

Leveraging cutting-edge logistics technology, Skanlog enhances operational efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain. Automated storage management systems, real-time tracking, and data analytics empower Moët Hennessy with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Skanlog prioritizes product integrity and quality assurance at every stage of the logistics process. From storage facilities to stringent handling protocols, Skanlog ensures that Moët Hennessy's premium products maintain their pristine condition from warehouse to consumer.

Results and collaboration

Through Skanlog's comprehensive logistics solutions, Moët Hennessy achieves greater supply chain efficiency, reducing lead times and enhancing product availability in the Nordic key markets.

Timely and reliable delivery of Moët Hennessy's products, coupled with impeccable quality standards, strengthens customer trust and satisfaction, driving brand loyalty and market growth for the French company.

Skanlog and Moët Hennessy engage in ongoing collaboration to identify opportunities for process optimization and innovation, ensuring the sustainability and competitiveness of their partnership in a dynamic Nordic business landscape.

The close partnership between Skanlog and Moët Hennessy with daily contact exemplifies the synergy between logistics expertise and client-centric service delivery. By overcoming logistical challenges and embracing innovation, Skanlog empowers Moët Hennessy to thrive in the competitive luxury goods market, setting a benchmark for excellence in distribution and logistics.

"Our champagne product heritage is more than 250 years old, hence we represent quality and uphold the highest quality to ourselves and our partners like Skanlog. Collaborating with Skanlog has not only optimized our Nordic supply chain operations but has also enhanced our brand's reputation for reliability and excellence. Their innovative approach to logistics continues to drive our success in the market," says Søren Frøsig Rasmussen, Nordic Supply Chain- & Customer Service Manager, Moët Hennessy Nordic.

"Moët Hennessy's trust in Skanlog is a blueprint to our team's dedication and expertise. Moët Hennessy is a serious client with the highest standards, which we at Skanlog appreciate. Together, we continuously strive for excellence, leveraging advanced technology and collaborative strategies to improve on expectations and drive mutual success for both companies," says Peter Nørgaard, sales director and member of Skanlog’s group management.