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Taulov Warehouse

Armin Rahmanovic, Fredericia, Denmark

Armin Rahmanovic is 24 years old and has been employed at Skanlog for 7 years. Since 2017 he has worked in various warehouse roles at Skanlog’s facilities in Fredericia, Denmark.

What should have been a short gap year for Armin, ended up being a fruitful employment in now 7th year.

In his daily work in the warehouse he is handling 3000-5000 boxes every day, loading trucks with cargo for Skanlog’s many clients.

About working at Skanlog he says:

”Although my job is hard physical work, and I have to get up early in the morning, working at Skanlog is just great. It is a good workplace with good conditions and great colleagues. During my employment, I have had a truck certificate, which I am really happy with.

The team spirit is great, and the tasks are existing. The managers are good at distributing the various tasks and help us prioritize them in the best way. Handling 3000-5000 boxes every day is a lot.”

Being asked about how long he wants to work at Skanlog he replies:

”As long as they want me. I love my work at Skanlog.”

Brunnsta Warehouse

Pierre Ottinger-Frick, Warehouse Manager, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Pierre Ottinger-Frick has been employed at Skanlog for almost 24 years. Since 2000 he has worked in various roles at Skanlog’s facilities in Sweden in Eskulstuna.

About working at Skanlog he says:

“The company DNA in Skanlog is really good. The Danish management with Benny in the lead is amazing. You can really feel it is a family-owned company. They are running the company in a way that makes it very easy for all employees to feel welcome and to be a part of the company.

I think I have four colleagues who have stayed 24 years like me, and I think that says a lot about Skanlog. It's not only a family-owned company but also a company where people feel like they're part of a family.

During my time at Skanlog, we have gone from being a small company to a big company, but the family DNA has always stayed with the company’s growth.”