Country Management

Skanlog Country Management

As members of the team, we are entrusted with guiding the organization towards achieving our vision of becoming the leading logistics partner in Scandinavia within our business areas. With a comprehensive understanding of our diverse business areas and a firm commitment to excellence, our team is aiming to drive transformative change across the organization.

Grounded in our mission to deliver excellence in logistics, we are committed to leveraging our expertise in supply chain management, storage, handling, freight & distribution, and IT solutions to push businesses forward. Through strategic collaboration, innovation, and a customer-centric approach, we aim to shape the future of logistics, pioneering new solutions that elevate the industry standard and exceed client expectations.

Poul Brunn

Managing Director - Denmark

Mona Zuko

Managing Director - Sweden

Arnfinn J. Svensli

Managing Director - Norway

Janne M. Aho

Managing Director - Finland