Wheel logistics


  • Full service operator
  • Rework and Display
  • Point of sale materials
  • Wheel logistics
  • Inbound Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Outbound Management
  • Distribution
  • Return handling
  • KPI reporting

Skanlog has been specialized in wheel logistics for a couple of years. With the latest technology, we have developed a special customized and unique Warehouse Management System (WMS), giving our wheel-customers the opportunity constantly to track'n'trace all wheels and their current status:

  • Track’n’trace on each wheel from our warehouse to existing car rental stations and back
  • Order Management on existing and new wheels
  • Registration and control of received wheels
  • Return handling and destruction of wheels

Together with automated equipment and cranes, combined with clearing and washing of wheels, we offer our wheel-customers different solutions with a very high efficiency and quality in this market niche.