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Current Solutions
Where is the current location?

What is the current capacity?

What is the current warehouse rent incl. total running costs?
What kind/type of goods?

How is pallets received, on EUR-pallets, containers, etc.?

How many pallets in average are received per month?

Who is the current distributor?
How many pallets arre stored on current location - total volumes?

If not standard EUR-pallets, what are the measurements on the pallets (height/length/width)?

Besides inbound/outbound, are there other required services on warehouse?

How many stock keeping units (SKU) exists in total?

How many employees are dedicated in the production today?

Is working hours outside normal working hours required? What about work in weekends?

Exist other special rework/handling or conditions that need attention?
How many shipments per year in average?

How many parcels in average per order?

How many order lines in average per order?

What are requirements for wrapping/packaging of pallets?
How many shipments in average per month?

Are the markets seasonal, if yes when?

Who are the recipients, are these the same on every shipment?

How large are shipments in average, weight/volume, division of postcodes?

What kinds of goods are shipped - pallets, private parcels, business parcels etc.?

What is the division of different types of goods?

Which terms and conditions of delivery are valid?

Are shipments only with delivery in Denmark, or does recipients exist in other countries?

What kind of distribution is used today?

Who is the current distributor?
What kind of IT-solution/system is used today?

How are inbound orders submitted/received?
When is start-up expected?

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