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Skanlog is a leading independent 3. Party logistics specialist in Scandinavia with full coverage off all the Scandinavian countries. We offer our customers a complete package of Supply Chain Management solutions, customized to meet their special needs and requirements.

Skanlog is a family owned company, characterized by fast decisions and fast action. We aim for an efficient and streamlined organization with well-educated and motivated employees. As an employee of the company you will be met with an informal tone, and a culture steeped in family business. The organization of Skanlog is horizontal/flat and therefore supports the need for short decision paths. This also embeds the management methods and style that are seen throughout the company.

Skanlog thrives to hire and keep talented, well-educated, motivated and dedicated employees, as our employees are the most important asset to the company. Therefore values of Skanlog are created in partnership between managers and employees back in 2008. The Company operates with 5 values that characterize everyday life in different ways:

In short, you as an employee or manager in Skanlog have a great responsibility that we have satisfied customers and especially satisfied colleagues. We are all helping to create a good business and a good working environment, and it comes with responsibilities. It is better to admit mistakes/flaws, to come forward and dare to offer his/her help than hide in the crowd. Accountability is worthwhile – resulting in  a greater pleasure of work and motivation, giving a higher customer satisfaction and business growth.

As an employee in Skanlog you will find, that if you have a desire to take on more responsibility, it is possible to do so through performance, cooperation and with a candid mood. Through delegation of responsibility and a flat structure, you as an employee will experience that being an empowered person in Skanlog rewarded - it is better to do something than nothing!

Trust and mutual respect are important aspects in cooperation, and employees in Skanlog are expected to be able to feel empathy and to have an understanding of their colleagues’ behavior in many situations. It may also be important in some situations to perform tasks that are not expected to make ends meet - again cooperation will create a positive work environment.

We sometimes work hard, but we also get many new customers at the expense of this. Most importantly, however, is that many of our customers we have known for several years. By innovation we are able to create space and opportunities to implement our customers' repeatedly changing needs and desires. All ideas are welcome and are very important in the matter of innovation - this down to the change of small daily routines and procedures.

Inclusiveness and well-being
Our recruitment knows no boundaries and Skanlog embraces many different people, both in terms of age, education, experience, ethnicity, culture, religion and language. This sometimes provides some challenges, but well-being emanates in part from a good tone of communication, mutual respect and a good balance between requirements, resources, challenges and development.