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Corporate social responsibility

Skanlog is very conscious of its social responsibility. We have especially chosen to work decisively on following areas:
• Environment
• Labour conditions
• Human Rights
• Anti-corruption

As a business that focus especially on logistics Skanlog plays an important role in the physical distribution of goods and services and therefore also on the resulting environmental impact. We have chosen to prioritize this area, including issues that are not required by law.

• In Skanlog we work systematically to sort all packaging and recycle as much as possible. Furthermore, we continuously strive to improve the way we pack through new and material-saving packaging solutions.
• We are trying to prevent rather than cure. We have established preventive measures to reduce the risk of accidents resulting in the emission of environmentally harmful subsidies.
• We continually try to assess how we can improve our efforts and initiate new environmental promotion.

Employee relationship
A large proportion of the employees in Skanlog are engaged in active physical labour in our different departments. Therefore, we focus on our employee relationship.

• All production is, as far as possible, planned to accommodate health and safety. Regularly we evaluate on both physical safety and health conditions.
• A large number of employees have been trained in first aid, and we have ensured that all necessary equipment is available on our operations.
• Skanlog A/S is aware of and respects the regulations on access to first aid as expressed in the Danish Working Environment Act, Consolidated Act No. 268 of 18. March 2005. The Danish legislation is in accordance with EU Directive 89/391/EEC of 12 June 1989 on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work, EU Directive 89/654/EEC of 30 November 1989 on safety and health in the workplace, and ILO Convention No. 155 on Safety and Health in the Workplace.
• All work is organized so that all employees are ensured both physical and mental well-being. Job rotation minimizes repetitive and monotonous work, and furthermore we seek to avoid isolated job tasks as well as the physical working environment is continually evaluated and optimized.

Human rights
As a logistics company, Skanlog experience large variations in workload depending on our customers' operations, and it is therefore an integral part of our company to hire temporary workers and casual workers. We therefore have some clear guidelines for this:

• No employee may be under 13. Only in exceptional cases, employees are between 13 and 15 years, and in these cases only light work is carried out and t a maximum of 2 hours a day. Finally, it should be supervised by parent representatives.
• Skanlog respect and observe Act on working, Act No. 268 of 18 March 2005, Executive Order on the execution No. 559 of 17 June 2004 and the Notice of young people's work No 239 of 6 April 2005.
• In Skanlog, no person is discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, political or sexual orientation. All will be recruited from relevant and objective criteria, and the conditions of employment are also defined according to this.

Skanlog seeks appropriate measures to work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. We systematically follow up on all external sub-contractors, so as to extend the principles related to anticorruption to the value chain in which we operate.

We do not accept any gifts, entertainment and hospitality with a substantial value that could potentially put the reciever in a position where he/she could feel an obligation.
However, gifts, entertainment and hospitality are acceptable if they are reasonable, proportionate and made in good faith.
Examples of gifts, entertainment and hospitality include the receipt or offer of gifts, meals or tokens of appreciation and gratitude, invitations to events, functions, or other social gatherings, in connection with matters related to our business. These activities are acceptable provided they fall within reasonable bounds of value and occurrence.

In the procurement process supplier selection should never be based on receipt of a gift, hospitality or payment. When supplier selection is a formal, structured invitation for the supply of products or services (often called a ‘tender’), we maintain documentation supporting our internal controls.

EU-cooperation "Carbon 20"
As a professional logistic company, Skanlog works according to the LEAN-principles, continually trying to optimize daily working procedures and processes. This way of thinking reduces costs and lead times in our operations, but it definitely also takes care of the environment through energy savings and reduction of waste. This is very important for us.

As an example of our commitment to the environment, Skanlog is a member of the EU-cooperation “Carbon 20” together with 99 other dedicated companies in Denmark.
Please click on the following link, to see an article about energy savings at Skanlog in Glostrup: