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Skanlog has been operating with 3. Part logistics in Scandinavia for more than 15 years, and today we are a leading Scandinavian logistic service operator with activities all over the Nordics. Our many years’ experience gives us the opportunity to offer our customer a complete package of Supply Chain Management solutions, customized to meet special needs and requirements, whatever company or products you may have.

Today, we are among other things specialized in different types of rework and display buildings, point of sale materials, as well as wheel logistics, all areas with a specifically customised Warehouse Management System (WMS). Working out from the LEAN-principles, we know that pricing, warehousing and deliveries all goes hand in hand.

In order to ensure reliable and customer-friendly order handling, a large number of processes and steps must be considered. A significant proportion of these affect the whole area of logistics and Supply Chain Management – and this means much more than just the handover of products or materials to a service provider.

Skanlog provide efficient warehouse services such as stock takes, quality inspections, track'n'trace of batch codes etc. Furthermore returns are handled according to customer specific requirements, and when necessary scrapping. We can also offer value added services such as repack damaged goods into original packaging, re-labelling etc. Our flexible Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) allows us to create many different kinds of customized logistic solutions – also one especially for you.